Looking Good, Being Good

I took Brady and Camm to a USDAA trial Saturday. I run USDAA maybe once, twice a year?  It was also Camm’s USDAA debut. It was a fun trial. The people I hang out with often determine for… Read More

Happy Birthday to My Puppy

Youke is eight years old as of today. So incredibly hard to believe my puppy is a senior. Well, in technical dog years I guess. And I can’t honestly say he’s still a puppy, because he has always… Read More

Brady and Camm’s Excellent Canadian Adventure

  My house is eerily quiet today. I guess running 10 yards a second does that. Okay, turns out that while that probably happens in real life with my crew, it really did not on this weekend’s tunnelers… Read More

9 to 5

  Today was a 9 to 5 kinda day. But in a good way. Not in a “this cubicle is draining all the life energy out of me and I can feel my brain shrinking” kinda way. And… Read More

Oh the Things I Would Do

I did NOT get another new vehicle. But the dogs thought I did. There was much excitement and cavorting about when JaYoBaCa saw a Chevy Malibu in their driveway Tuesday morning. Camm, especially, was beside herself with excitement… Read More

New Year

According to JaYoBaCa, there’s a serious lack of fun times going on here. However, according to client dogs, there’s a serious amount of fun going on. Although 2016 started with incredible shiny and sparkly joyousness …. … it… Read More


There’s nothing like a loud crashing thunderstorm and my dogs trembling beside me in bed to remind me that I’m utterly responsible for their welfare. After a day-long deluge of steady pounding rain and gradually stronger winds, in… Read More

A Ball for the Win

  While out for a walk with the dogs today, a truck suddenly appeared from around a bend and headed our way. This is the hazard of often using service roads and Department of Natural Resource land. It… Read More


November. The month when it feels like it’s 4:30 pm all the time. For example. I was sitting in front of my computer at 10:30 am this morning drinking coffee and I glanced outside and thought to myself,… Read More


Today is a recovery day. Also known as a “lost day.” The dogs and I slept until 11 am this morning. I know. Shameful. The funny thing is, that I actually had to push the dogs aside to… Read More