Happy Birthday to My Puppy


Youke is eight years old as of today. So incredibly hard to believe my puppy is a senior. Well, in technical dog years I guess.

And I can’t honestly say he’s still a puppy, because he has always been a bit of an old soul. I always joke with him about how grown up he is.

Youke: I’ve always been a grown up.

This is pretty much true. Or at least since he was about six month old.

So, luckily for us all, it was a spectacularly beautiful day, so we celebrated with a party, had an uninvited guest, someone peed their pants and Youke had a special meal.


Youke was joined for his birthday celebration hike in the woods by his besties – Jasmine, Brady and Camm.


Of course, Balls were involved. What’s a birthday celebration without fun games?


We had the accommodations entirely to ourselves.


Clear blue skies overhead and lots of green.


Jasmine is Youke’s oldest friend. Literally and figuratively. He’s adored her since he first set sights on her when I unloaded him from the car. She took slightly longer to warm up to him. All of three days. Maybe the fact that he’d upchucked down the back of my shirt had something to do with it?


She is pretty special. It still startles me when I see how much white is on her face now. Despite that fact, Jasmine is definitely not a grown-up. I’m not sure she’ll ever be. She was on fire today, racing to steal balls from the two boys and then tossing them at my feet. It’s not like she likes to play Ball. She just wants to get them before the boys do. That pisses Brady off immensely, but he’s learned that he gets hit by Jasmine’s linebacker move if he fights for the ball. Much better to let her get it. Youke just patiently jumps out of the way when he sees her coming. Plus, half the time she just drops the ball halfway or doesn’t even pick it up at all.


Happy party guests.

Unfortunately, I was woefully unprepared for Youke’s celebration at home. I usually get them cupcakes or make a special meal.

Brady: Get pork chops.

Me: Brady, you always want pork chops.

Brady: Pork chops are good for all occasions.

Well, that may very well be, but I didn’t feel like stopping at the grocery store on the way home. I remembered that I had some frozen meatballs in the freezer, so figured that’d do.

Youke: But I’m hungry now.

Me: Don’t you want to wait for your meatballs?

Youke: I’m starving!! Can’t you see I’m wasting away???!!!

I went into the garage to get the dogs their kibble, figuring I’d just feed them a couple of meatballs apiece once they were heated.

I returned with a special, and uninvited guest.

I poured the last of the dog food bag into the smaller container I keep in the house and brought it back in. I scooped Youke his portion, and, as is our dinnertime tradition, told him to wait while I scooped everyone else’s portion. Typically, all the dogs must wait until I give them the go ahead. I’m not generally a control freak nazi about stuff like this, but it’s become sort of a game. Plus I enjoy the look of torture on Youke’s face as he is forced to wait to gulp down his meal.

So, after I scooped Youke’s portion, I moved to Camm’s bowl and scooped out her’s. Then I moved to Brady’s bowl, dipped the scoop back in the container, and ….

… Screamed like a girl! Somehow, I’d missed the fact that there was a mouse in the container of dog food.

I dropped the container to the floor with the scream. Miraculously, the container landed right side up and the mouse stayed inside, as did the food. Now, all the dogs were staring at me.

The mouse startled me, but I’m not really afraid of mice per se. I thought quickly and opened the patio door and scooped him/her outside.

I have a cat. But she’s 16 years old and clearly has retired from mousing. During this whole event, she was doing this:


This is pretty much was Satie does most of the time. It’s pretty rare these days that I call her by her real name, which is/was Satan.

Meantime, Youke had taken the opportunity to start eating, so I scooped Jasmine her dinner and let them eat.

Then I noticed a large amount of liquid on the floor. The floor is wood, but I could see there was a slight yellow tint to the nearly clear liquid. Someone had peed on the floor!

My best guess is that my scream startled Jasmine and she got scared and peed. They did drink a lot of water during today’s adventure.

Everyone did eventually get two meatballs and Youke got a special plate of spaghetti and meatballs with red meat sauce.

Cuz he’s special.


Youke, accompanied by someone else who thinks she’s pretty special.

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