9 to 5

9to5 1


Today was a 9 to 5 kinda day. But in a good way. Not in a “this cubicle is draining all the life energy out of me and I can feel my brain shrinking” kinda way.

And no, I have not traded in a cubicle or the four walls of my home office for this tree cave. Although seriously, how cool would it be to cram yourself into this space and pretend you’re a hobbit with a laptop? When I actually do get a laptop I’m gonna try it. I think it’ll be really super fun to shout out a hello to passersby and scare the crap out of them.

So it was a 9 to 5 day in that I started my day at 9 am with a vet appointment for Camm and ended it just shortly after 5 pm coming down Tiger Mountain in the rain with two of my dogs.

Camm went in this morning for her annual vaccines. She weighed in at a lean and mean 33 pounds. I laughed and told her she was fat.

Camm was not appreciative of the vet’s poking and prodding. In fact, while she patiently. but with increasing irritation bore having her ears turned inside out for the examination, she took great offense to having her lips lifted and fingers poking into her mouth. So much so that she issued a warning snap. The vet tried to make friends by feeding Camm lots of cookies. Camm ate them all, but was clearly peeved. Off she went to the examination room in the back and away from me. We all figured she might be a bit better. We all should’ve figured differently.

The vet came back out after a few minutes to tell me that while she’d given Camm her shots, she had chosen not to take a fecal sample as Camm was “upset” and was spitting out cookies.

I know Camm and I know what Camm does when she doesn’t want to do something or when there’s something she doesn’t like. Camm is also not a very forgiving dog and never forgets anything. Just ask our relationship counselor. Camm has never completely forgiven her for taking that hour’s time at a lesson last year to work directly with Camm on her start line stays. She actually now adores her instructor/relationship counselor and will give her kisses and hugs, but the minute she attempts to run Camm in any kind of drill, Camm turns suspicious and runs right back to me, peeking suspiciously at Andrea from behind my legs.

As soon as we departed the vet’s office, Camm had a lot to say on the brief car ride home. Needless to say, she was not impressed.

Camm: I’m perfect. Why I even need to go see doctor??

The vet on the other hand was impressed with Camm’s overall fitness. She also started to lecture me about how smart border collies are and how they need to do a job or learn tricks. I told her we do agility and hike a lot.


After I brought Camm back home, she received the usual curious sniffs from everyone else. The reactions were hysterical and so true to each individual personality. Jasmine got a sniff and slunk off. Youke was very concerned and seemed to be asking Camm if she was okay. For his concerns, he got a smack across the face, then an invitation to play. Brady was downright impressed and got all wiggly. Brady, unlike everyone else, actually loves to go to the vet. He likes to flirt with all of his office lady friends.

After that, I went off to walk other people’s dogs for a few hours.

But because I haven’t put enough miles on this week with walking dogs, I opted to spend the rest of Friday afternoon walking my own dogs. (Insert eye roll.)

Actually, I decided it was a good day to wander about with my own dogs as it was about to rain and I knew all the fair weather folks of this past week out enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies would be scurrying back inside. Also, they’d be off to happy hour and such and my version of happy hour is a late day Friday hike.

First, I took Youke and Brady since they are both sort of on restricted activity and not being allowed to play much Ball right now. Youke really thinks these leashed walks are beneath him. It’s true, he’s so good off leash that I hardly ever leash him up. But I think what really offends him is the fact that he’s not playing Ball.

Brady, on the other hand, was just over the top excited that he was at a place he’d never been to before. So many new things to sniff and to pee on!

Overall, it was a good time and we barely got rained on.

9to5 2 Please note that Brady has slack in his leash. Also note that Youke does not. Also note position of ears indicating irritated due to lack of Ball.


9to5 3

Note happy faces. This was right after I’d unleashed Youke for five minutes to play with Ball.

Returned home with the boys and told Jasmine and Camm it was their turn to go. So much loud barking. It’s a really good thing I like dogs with big personalities.

In a last minute decision, opted to take Jasmine and Camm to Tiger Mountain on one of my favorite short hikes. I figured the rain and late hour of the day would mean we wouldn’t run into anyone and I was right. By then it was coming down fairly steadily. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun.

I tried to take some pictures, but the rain and the late hour, and the incredible wriggliness from all the fun, was not conducive to a spectacular photo shoot. Still, it’s pretty clear the girls enjoyed our girls night happy hour.

9to5 4

Z’OMG we’re on a tree!

9to5 6

Squirrel?! Where? Over there? Here?

9to5 7

I am the most smartest, beautiful, badasss and loudest border collie ever. I don’t need to see doctor. Ever.

All that jumping on and off trees and climbing up and down hillsides made me realize why my four-pack all have a six-pack.




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