YoBaCaRy and I are on the precipice of change. It somehow seems fitting that this should occur on the last month of December in the year 2020. This year has been a lot of different things for most… Read More

Brady and Camm’s Excellent Canadian Adventure

  My house is eerily quiet today. I guess running 10 yards a second does that. Okay, turns out that while that probably happens in real life with my crew, it really did not on this weekend’s tunnelers… Read More


Today is a recovery day. Also known as a “lost day.” The dogs and I slept until 11 am this morning. I know. Shameful. The funny thing is, that I actually had to push the dogs aside to… Read More

An Honest Answer

Today was a glorious late summer day. Technically it was a glorious early fall day, but it felt a lot like summer to me. Today was also Brady’s special day. (That’s Brady motoring out to retrieve his ball… Read More

Tropical Beach Vacation

“Thanks mom for taking us on a tropical beach vacation!” Actually, I took JaYoBaCa with me on vacation to the Central Oregon Coast. And while some of you may question why I would need a vacation from my… Read More

Feeling Fine

As if the past 60 days haven’t been chill enough, thanks to my forced summer vacation, also known as “thanks for the past 26 years, but we no longer need your services and feel you do not fit… Read More

I’ve Become My Grandmother

Whatever happened to common courtesy? Most of the time, I’m pretty good about letting things go and not dwelling on rudeness, inadvertent or deliberate. But every now and then, the spirit of my paternal grandmother rises up inside… Read More

A Magic Beach Day

“You must have some magic,” a man with a black lab called out to me as I walked in the deep sand, towed along by my four dogs. “How’s that?” I asked. “They’re all so calm and walking… Read More