Happy Thanksgiving to All. I hope it is a wonderful day for all, but in the event it is not, I hope that better days are on the way for you. And I just have to say that… Read More

Soul Sister

(Photo credit: Angie A.) I’m fond of saying that allowing Camm into my life was the best mistake I’ve ever made. In truth, I cannot imagine ever having passed this girl up. Camm becomes five years old in… Read More

Next Level

Having a dog is a wonderful. Having a smart dog is wonderful, challenging and sometimes scary. Having a border collie is a whole other level. Saying a border collie is intelligent is like saying Albert Einstein was a… Read More

Mission Accomplished

Braved the first frontal attack of what is being called “the strongest storm in 50 years,” and which is “potentially historic,” and that some have dubbed “Stormaggedon” to retrieve this today: That is Youke’s Fourth of July collar…. Read More


Rehab. Much as that word just makes me want to channel my inner Amy Winehouse and start singing, rehab is a good thing and this is about Camm. “Human Mom said I gotta go to Rehab/ I said,… Read More

Chinchilla, Please!

“Mom, I want this thing.” “Hey, please can have a chinchilla?” “Don’t bother me now. I’m talking to my new friend. Chinchilla.” “Don’t make me leave yet! Not done staring at chinchilla!” “For birthday, no pork chops. Chinchilla,… Read More

The Roommate, and Other Special Things

I’ve recently said some unkind things about Brady. More specifically, I’ve used a quite a few expletives. This doesn’t mean that I don’t love him. It just means that I see him for the dog that he is… Read More


Be careful who or what you name your dog for. Case in point: I’ve made no secret of Brady’s hot-headedness nor his lack of patience for dumb handler moves. Brady deserves full credit for the fact that I’ve… Read More

Normal Will Never Happen

I had a major epiphany this evening, August 24, at approximately 7:01 pm. This major breakthrough occurred just after I’d left a rambling, rather frantic message for a friend about when and where to meet her tomorrow morning… Read More

Weekend in Pictures

Or at least less words. Friday. Hot. Planned hike with friends. Stupid Friday traffic. Friends had to turn around. Went hiking anyway. Very hot. Still had fun. Excellent day. Saturday. White chocolate mocha with three shots. Me time…. Read More