And The Magic Number Is ….

Five. Five dogs. I believe I have officially crossed over into Crazy Dog Lady territory. Normal people may even say I’ve crossed over into official Dog Hoarder. My dog-loving friends will see this as delightful. Allow me to… Read More

Trip Report

Trip report (my version) to Bridal Veil Falls and Lake Serene (probably NOT going to post this on the Washington Trials Association site though): I had decided several weeks ago Rhys was going to be my hiking companion… Read More

Walk Beside Me and Be My Friend

I took Youke and Brady hiking today. We did seven miles and it was a wonderful day and a wonderful time for dogs and Human alike. I’ve come to realize that hiking with old dogs brings some new… Read More

Brady Time

“Mom got her lazy ass out of bed early and it wasn’t even an agility day!” Got up early this morning to go have breakfast at the Senior Center with my clients, “Jack Lemmon” and “Walter Matthau” and… Read More

Brady and Camm’s Excellent Canadian Adventure

  My house is eerily quiet today. I guess running 10 yards a second does that. Okay, turns out that while that probably happens in real life with my crew, it really did not on this weekend’s tunnelers… Read More

They Say It’s Your Birthday

“Say what? It’s my birthday? I’m 12??!!!” Yup. Today is Jasmine’s designated 12th birthday and the start of her 13th year. The date also marks her 11th year with me and the start of the 12th. Pretty hard… Read More

Wanna Go?

I’m taking a break from my Thursday evening agility class for a few weeks. Mainly because doing that drive twice a week during the evening rush hour – I also go to lessons on Wednesday night – was… Read More

Tropical Beach Vacation

“Thanks mom for taking us on a tropical beach vacation!” Actually, I took JaYoBaCa with me on vacation to the Central Oregon Coast. And while some of you may question why I would need a vacation from my… Read More

Dry and Delicate

Nope, this isn’t a post about a feminine hygiene product. It was 87 degrees Fahrenheit at 3 pm today when I got back with the dogs from an outdoors adventure. And although that in and of itself is… Read More

A Magic Beach Day

“You must have some magic,” a man with a black lab called out to me as I walked in the deep sand, towed along by my four dogs. “How’s that?” I asked. “They’re all so calm and walking… Read More