Merry Sorta White Christmas!

It started snowing here in Western Washington last night and when I woke up this morning, there were several inches of soft, dry white powder on the ground. It was also eerily silent. Strangely, last night was not… Read More

My New Dog

Rhys is not really a puppy any longer. Overnight it seems, he became a dog. A very handsome dog. I love his manly and serious profile. Of course, he is only 19 weeks old, so he’s still technically… Read More

Convalescent Camm aka Clunky Foot Camm

  Look closely. Despite the new plushy squeaky toy, Camm is not a happy camper, and it wasn’t because she was having her picture taken. We all know by now how much she enjoys being a supermodel. Camm… Read More

Four-Dog Weekend

So guess what? Did an agility trial this weekend. That was a bit of a joke. Like what else would I do on a long holiday weekend? It’s been over a month since I last posted. Mostly that’s… Read More

Happy Birthday to My Puppy

Youke is eight years old as of today. So incredibly hard to believe my puppy is a senior. Well, in technical dog years I guess. And I can’t honestly say he’s still a puppy, because he has always… Read More

Brady and Camm’s Excellent Canadian Adventure

  My house is eerily quiet today. I guess running 10 yards a second does that. Okay, turns out that while that probably happens in real life with my crew, it really did not on this weekend’s tunnelers… Read More

9 to 5

  Today was a 9 to 5 kinda day. But in a good way. Not in a “this cubicle is draining all the life energy out of me and I can feel my brain shrinking” kinda way. And… Read More

New Year

According to JaYoBaCa, there’s a serious lack of fun times going on here. However, according to client dogs, there’s a serious amount of fun going on. Although 2016 started with incredible shiny and sparkly joyousness …. … it… Read More

A Ball for the Win

  While out for a walk with the dogs today, a truck suddenly appeared from around a bend and headed our way. This is the hazard of often using service roads and Department of Natural Resource land. It… Read More

The Dog is What Matters

I enjoy the Qs as much as any competitor, but quite some time ago I realized that’s not really why I do agility. I enjoy the camaraderie of the people I’ve met through agility and the friends I’ve… Read More