Today is a recovery day. Also known as a “lost day.” The dogs and I slept until 11 am this morning. I know. Shameful. The funny thing is, that I actually had to push the dogs aside to… Read More

An Honest Answer

Today was a glorious late summer day. Technically it was a glorious early fall day, but it felt a lot like summer to me. Today was also Brady’s special day. (That’s Brady motoring out to retrieve his ball… Read More

The Mad Dash

I think I logged about 25 miles last week. That’s dog miles. Distance walked or half-jogged with the dogs. I don’t wear a pedometer or any of the fancy gadgets that are essentially the same thing, so my… Read More

The Dog is What Matters

I enjoy the Qs as much as any competitor, but quite some time ago I realized that’s not really why I do agility. I enjoy the camaraderie of the people I’ve met through agility and the friends I’ve… Read More

This Dog

Last week was all about Youke. Around here, the idiom of “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” often holds true. Youke is not a squeaky wheel. At least not within my small tribe. I make a concerted effort… Read More

Microwave Toes

I have a new addition to my arsenal of superpowers. Microwave toes. The power of the Microwave Toes came in handy this evening, serving to give me the confidence to deflect the potential attentions of a Big Burly… Read More

Therapy Session

“Really? We have to leave soon? I’m just getting my nap on.” I had a hard time getting going on Friday for the weekend’s agility adventure. For once, I was not the issue. The dogs all wanted to… Read More

Passing the Coffee Test

This girl. This girl who today was called “athletic,” “beautiful” and “so well-behaved.” This girl who today I ran errands with and with a leash looped around my wrist while carrying a coffee in the same hand and… Read More

On Leash and No One Died

Today we worked on leash walking. Mostly because it’s Saturday and the human was too lazy to go anywhere super fun. It’s all good though. There are actually plenty of nearby places to go for a lovely walk…. Read More

Wanna Go?

I’m taking a break from my Thursday evening agility class for a few weeks. Mainly because doing that drive twice a week during the evening rush hour – I also go to lessons on Wednesday night – was… Read More