And The Magic Number Is ….

Five. Five dogs. I believe I have officially crossed over into Crazy Dog Lady territory. Normal people may even say I’ve crossed over into official Dog Hoarder. My dog-loving friends will see this as delightful. Allow me to… Read More

The Magical Heathen Puppy

Rhys turned seven months old earlier this week. While he is still very much a puppy and will be for a while, it’s often hard for me to think of him on such immature terms. For several months… Read More

The Roommate, and Other Special Things

I’ve recently said some unkind things about Brady. More specifically, I’ve used a quite a few expletives. This doesn’t mean that I don’t love him. It just means that I see him for the dog that he is… Read More

Weekend in Pictures

Or at least less words. Friday. Hot. Planned hike with friends. Stupid Friday traffic. Friends had to turn around. Went hiking anyway. Very hot. Still had fun. Excellent day. Saturday. White chocolate mocha with three shots. Me time…. Read More

Let Me Tell You Where We’re Going

This is a story about a dog. Not just any dog. This is a story about a Border Collie. Photo taken by Heidi Erland Okay, it’s true. I have a bit of a prejudice. But I’m here to… Read More


So while this was happening … The boys were out playing. These two pictures pretty much describe our entire past week. While Camm’s broken foot isn’t bothering her in the least, not a tiny iota, she is being… Read More


Today’s highlight: a nice long nap with all four of my dogs. Got up super early, but it’s no longer o’dark thirty. It’s not even dark at all. Even on a super cloudy, kinda rainy day. Yes indeed,… Read More

Four-Dog Weekend

So guess what? Did an agility trial this weekend. That was a bit of a joke. Like what else would I do on a long holiday weekend? It’s been over a month since I last posted. Mostly that’s… Read More

Some Like It Hot

So, having a heatwave here in the Pacific Northwest. Some 30 years ago this would’ve made me extremely happy. Of course then I lived in a place with winters that regularly reached temperatures of below zero degrees and… Read More

Looking Good, Being Good

I took Brady and Camm to a USDAA trial Saturday. I run USDAA maybe once, twice a year?  It was also Camm’s USDAA debut. It was a fun trial. The people I hang out with often determine for… Read More