The Thing I Never Thought Possible

Brady entered my life permanently on December 13, 2010. I’ve written before about some of our early journey in Come As You Are. Today marks a day that I was not sure would actually happen – it’s our 10-year… Read More

Poopy Butt and Other Tails

Youke had his 11th birthday this past weekend. We celebrated with a hike, a nap, a little bit of Ball and yummy food, not necessarily in that order. Interestingly, Youke and I share a love for many of… Read More

Happy Birthday to My Puppy

Youke is eight years old as of today. So incredibly hard to believe my puppy is a senior. Well, in technical dog years I guess. And I can’t honestly say he’s still a puppy, because he has always… Read More


November. The month when it feels like it’s 4:30 pm all the time. For example. I was sitting in front of my computer at 10:30 am this morning drinking coffee and I glanced outside and thought to myself,… Read More

They Say It’s Your Birthday

“Say what? It’s my birthday? I’m 12??!!!” Yup. Today is Jasmine’s designated 12th birthday and the start of her 13th year. The date also marks her 11th year with me and the start of the 12th. Pretty hard… Read More