Private Idaho

It started out as one of the most eery and quiet July Fourths I’ve experienced. Several years ago, my town banned fireworks. Didn’t stop many for a while, but seems that there’s been some enforcement in the past… Read More

Dry and Delicate

Nope, this isn’t a post about a feminine hygiene product. It was 87 degrees Fahrenheit at 3 pm today when I got back with the dogs from an outdoors adventure. And although that in and of itself is… Read More

The Best Dog

Why is it that I never see how much white there is on her face until I see a photograph? I’m not ready to have the discussion with Jasmine yet, but it’s close enough that I do sometimes… Read More


Although my favorite time of year to hike is in the fall, just when it starts to get cooler and damper in these parts, I do love wandering about in June. Not only are the skies often the… Read More

Tiger Mtn

I became acquainted with Tiger Mountain in the first year I moved to Washington State and have had a long enduring love affair, now entering its 15th year. That love has not been without its ups and downs…. Read More

A Magic Beach Day

“You must have some magic,” a man with a black lab called out to me as I walked in the deep sand, towed along by my four dogs. “How’s that?” I asked. “They’re all so calm and walking… Read More