Brady. Also known as The Red Dog, Grumpy Pants, Bray-Bray, Bug, Super Fly and Cake. Probably born sometime around late 2009. First noticed him when I saw a flash of red breeze by me in a field at an agility trial I was attending in Thanksgiving of 2010. Turns out, this border collie transported west to a breed rescue group from a shelter in Idaho that a friend was considering as her sheep herding trial dog was not the best fit for her needs. But he was desperately seeking a human. I know this because he told me. I told him I’d be his human. He reciprocated by being a bit of an ass and standoff-ish for five months. I left on a business trip and when the pet sitter picked him up, he never even looked back at me. I cried. I came back a week later and the look of genuine surprise and joy on his face when he came back into the house and saw me hit me so hard I sunk to me knees and bawled. Our journey started then. This dog has made me cry more and work harder than any other dog I’ve ever known.

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