Rhys. Usually goes by Rhys-ee, but some call him Rhys-EE Peanut Butter Cup, or just The Cup. Sometimes he’s Sexy Pants, but mostly he’s Naughty Dog. Most recent nickname is Rhys-ee Buttercup. Born in December, 2016 in Oregon and deliberately bred from working border collies. He was the first born dog of his litter. Rhys is the dog I knew that someday I’d have and have wanted for a long time, but sometimes that time comes when you least expect it. I went to see him and his litter-mates in January, 2017 with a friend, but he was just a black and white blob. He was also not my monkey and it wasn’t my circus. But after I saw the litter I remembered the dream I had just before Jasmine died about a tri-colored border collie being my next dog and how in the dream Jasmine thought the dog was wonderful. I could not shake the dream, nor could I shake how sad I was about Jasmine. A little voice in my head told me for two weeks to inquire about the litter, even though I knew they’d all been sold. In that strange way in how things sometimes work, I was told a male had just become available the evening before my inquiry. The breeder didn’t know me from a hole in the wall, but a mutual friend did and she was the person that raised Youke. Fast forward to February 11, 2017 and I brought Rhys home. I am forever grateful to Monique for facilitating and to Lora for trusting me with this dog. Our journey has only just begun, but Rhys is already that dog in the dream. Oh, he’s black and white though? I thought so too. Until underneath his tail started turning a different color at around four months old. Hidden tri anyone?