Goals, baby!

This picture perfectly captures how I feel the vast majority of the time. How did I get four dogs and why do I have four dogs? Also, in what direction are we going?  Youke’s expression perfectly captures how… Read More


Happy Thanksgiving to All. I hope it is a wonderful day for all, but in the event it is not, I hope that better days are on the way for you. And I just have to say that… Read More

Soul Sister

(Photo credit: Angie A.) I’m fond of saying that allowing Camm into my life was the best mistake I’ve ever made. In truth, I cannot imagine ever having passed this girl up. Camm becomes five years old in… Read More

Therapy Session

“Really? We have to leave soon? I’m just getting my nap on.” I had a hard time getting going on Friday for the weekend’s agility adventure. For once, I was not the issue. The dogs all wanted to… Read More

I’ve Become My Grandmother

Whatever happened to common courtesy? Most of the time, I’m pretty good about letting things go and not dwelling on rudeness, inadvertent or deliberate. But every now and then, the spirit of my paternal grandmother rises up inside… Read More