Black Hole

Sometimes necessity really is the time for the impetus to try something different. It’s a super lazy Saturday morning here. This is the first day I will not have walked over eight miles in 45 days. And don’t… Read More

Pickles and Dogs on a Saturday Night

While I have never been one to stress out because I didn’t have big Friday night or Saturday night plans, I’m pretty sure that when I was in my 20s I also wasn’t expecting to be spending a… Read More

Poopy Butt and Other Tails

Youke had his 11th birthday this past weekend. We celebrated with a hike, a nap, a little bit of Ball and yummy food, not necessarily in that order. Interestingly, Youke and I share a love for many of… Read More

A Touch of Grey

“Oh well a Touch Of Grey Kind of suits you anyway. That was all I had to say It’s all right.” I’m not really a Grateful Dead fan. I appreciate the band as an American icon and like… Read More

Hello Bruno

My favorite form of respite is hiking with my dogs. Hiking is my way of meditating. I can free my mind in the quietness, observe my dogs with calm and clarity, enjoy the physical effort in a way… Read More

When Training Pays Off

I frequently say that I am a lazy dog trainer and allude that I do little to no training at all. In reality, I actually do train my dogs. I just don’t do much in the way of… Read More

Rainbows, Unicorns and Broken Dryers

Late yesterday, after I had completed most of my work assignments for the day, I returned home with the best of intentions. I figured I had enough time to take the dogs out for a while before I… Read More

Goals, baby!

This picture perfectly captures how I feel the vast majority of the time. How did I get four dogs and why do I have four dogs? Also, in what direction are we going?  Youke’s expression perfectly captures how… Read More

Merry Sorta White Christmas!

It started snowing here in Western Washington last night and when I woke up this morning, there were several inches of soft, dry white powder on the ground. It was also eerily silent. Strangely, last night was not… Read More

Setting the Bar

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s been a while. But let’s jump right into it, so to speak. When training your dog, be very careful of what it is exactly that you are training. Camm recently started ducking under jump… Read More