Unwashed and Unemployed

I’m just gonna put this out there. If you come to visit me, you are likely to encounter an unwashed version of myself. I do regularly bathe, or rather, I regularly shower, therefore it’s not like I’m atrocious… Read More

It’s More Fun When You Just Don’t Give A ****

I truly have not missed doing much in the way of agility for the past year. A year ago I had a great time at the last agility trial in my area that was held the weekend before… Read More

The Thing I Never Thought Possible

Brady entered my life permanently on December 13, 2010. I’ve written before about some of our early journey in Come As You Are. Today marks a day that I was not sure would actually happen – it’s our 10-year… Read More

Agility Dog

Rhys started his agility training in early 2018 and I’ve dabbled a little here and there with him in agility since late in 2018. I stayed true to my promise to myself, and to him, to not start… Read More