They Say It’s Your Birthday

001Say what? It’s my birthday? I’m 12??!!!”

Yup. Today is Jasmine’s designated 12th birthday and the start of her 13th year. The date also marks her 11th year with me and the start of the 12th.

Pretty hard to believe. Not sure how she got to be a goofy almost-puppy to a majestic grand lady.

Okay. That last part isn’t really true. Not even close to true. I’m not sure how many 12 year-old dogs go around doing somersaults and making wookie noises.

Because Jasmine truly is a dog that prefers to be in the midst of the chaos, both causing it and participating in it, I opted not to do a special day with just her, but instead chose to take everyone out together for a birthday adventure. She probably would’ve been just fine with her bestie, Youke, by her side. But Camm thinks everything is about her, so naturally she had to come too. And there’s no sense leaving Brady out of the fun.

It was the right decision. The first thing Jasmine did when we reached our destination and I started throwing the ball for the other three was make it very clear that she was participating in today’s game. Not only was she participating, but she was catching all the balls and running down anyone that even thought about trying to get to a ball before she did.

Girl’s still got it.

Thanks to a helpful suggestion from Brady, pork chops are on the menu for Jasmine’s dinner tonight. Brady only made this helpful suggestion as pork chops are his favorite and he expects to get one too. Camm, who has been intently watching all of the special petting and scruffing that Jasmine is getting today, demands that she also be given a pork chop. Youke, who is always convinced I’m starving him, will demand one as well. Which means that Jasmine will probably get two.

You only get to be 12 once.




Of course the day didn’t just include playing with Ball. Ball is not really Jasmine’s thing. Exploring is Jasmine’s thing, so we did a few hours of that.


I said to a friend the other day that I keep waiting for the day when Jasmine slows down a bit. In truth, she has. A little bit. However, as much as she still often pushes my buttons and is the dog mostly likely to drive me nuts, I really wouldn’t want it any other way. As has hit way too close lately, someday I won’t get to be exasperated with her.


Happy birthday Jasmine K. Vitch, Fruity Loops Nut Cake.

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