Rhys is not really a puppy any longer. Overnight it seems, he became a dog.


A very handsome dog.


I love his manly and serious profile.

Of course, he is only 19 weeks old, so he’s still technically a puppy.


But so much leg. And grown-up dog coat.



But he’s becoming more like A Big Dog every day.

I recently got a new camera. Mainly I purchased a new one because my older digital camera wasn’t cutting it in terms of capturing images of Rhys as he’s constantly in motion. Hard to document the changes and the growth when all the camera captured was a blur.

Although I purchased the camera about a month ago, I haven’t really had time to learn how to use it. The fact that the sun came out this week and we had temperatures above the 50-something degree mark for the first time in almost 200 days was an excuse to get to know my camera. I took it out and played with it on Wednesday afternoon when we had some lovely late day sunshine. And I took it out again late today – even though we were back to rain and 50-something degrees.

I love how I am able to get lovely and clear head shots now.


Camm is such a beautiful dog. She is also the perfect supermodel. Apparently getting paid with Balls guarantees a perfect shot every time.


Brady is a hunk.


Youke is still speck-tacular.


Camm is still a Ball hoarder.


Ball love.


Oh look – a sort of family portrait. Hard to capture them not in motion, especially when there is so much to explore in this world.




Rhys has made a bit of progress with Youke too in convincing him that they are really going to be the best of friends. This morning, they rolled together in a wormy dirt hole. If that’s not bonding, I don’t know what is. Sadly, no camera around when it is really needed. But I did get a tiny bit of the brotherly love later today.


Okay, I guess the love is more on Rhys’s part.

There is no love for being leashed up.


But really, I have mad dog-walking skillz. So professional.


On his way to being a dog, but still a bit of a puppy.


Happy weekend!



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