The Magical Heathen Puppy

Rhys turned seven months old earlier this week. While he is still very much a puppy and will be for a while, it’s often hard for me to think of him on such immature terms. For several months… Read More

My Puppy is an Angel

I adore this little dog. Sometimes I just have to sit back and wonder at how such awesome dogs come into my life. Rhys is definitely one. Okay, so I’m not going to talk about how he had… Read More

Life Skillz

Life skills. Rhys may be a naughty puppy at times, but I’m finding he’s really good at getting down the skills he’s gonna need for his life with me. And in the greater scheme of things, that’s far… Read More

A Good Dog

“But life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last” – Prince Rogers Nelson, “1999” Life is just a little less colorful right now. The oranges and yellows and bright reds vanished last week and remain… Read More