Weekend in Pictures

Or at least less words.

Friday. Hot. Planned hike with friends. Stupid Friday traffic. Friends had to turn around. Went hiking anyway. Very hot. Still had fun. Excellent day.



Brady like to live a bit on the edge


Most of the hike was under the trees. Unless you were Youke. Then you were on the trees. Trees make legs looks even longer.


On top of the world! Here’s the funny thing. We hiked to the top, I posed the dogs for a picture, the dogs said a friendly hello to the only other people up there (and asked if they’d already had lunch), and then we turned right around and went back down. Brady was not interested in lingering for the sights. Youke was a little, but only because he knows we usually have snacks when we get to the top.

Saturday. White chocolate mocha with three shots. Me time. Pedicure. Green sparkly toes now. Read a book on my deck in my bathing suit. Too hot to move much. Forced dogs to nap.


It’s important to hydrate when it’s this hot out. Light, entertaining summer read. Can’t really see my new sparkly dark green toes.

Sunday. Agility. Extremely sunny. Not quite as hot, but still hot. Ran dogs barefoot as no time to put on shoes. Youke not feeling the agility thing due to hot. Brady crushes Elite Chances. Who is this amazing dog? Youke continues to not feel the agility thing due to very hot despite dip in the stock tank. Also probably due to hours between runs. Brady not feeling like doing contacts and opts for very deliberate amazing super flying leap from the a-frame. Right in front of the judge. Looks at judge to make sure she noticed how incredible he is. She comments. He is sure it is in approval and chooses not to listen to my comment. Leaves ring with prance in step and tail flagging in the air with misbegotten pride. Tunnelers is a bit of a disaster due to Youke not feeling it due to hot and Brady being sure I was sending him to THAT tunnel. Maybe I did. I was hot.

Boring day for Jasmine and Camm, but at least got to visit.

Now we are done with weekend.

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