One Week In …

As promised, I’m keeping a journal of sorts on my first year with Rhys. I wish I had taken better notes of what Youke’s puppy-hood was like, and I’ve always regretted that I did not document all that… Read More

Happy Festivus!

Happy Festivus from Us! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You! Goodwill and Peace on Earth and Good Fortune for All. Camm: Happy Christmas birthday adventure day! Brady: Finally. Outside and doing fun things. Youke: Ball! Youke,… Read More

Brady Time

“Mom got her lazy ass out of bed early and it wasn’t even an agility day!” Got up early this morning to go have breakfast at the Senior Center with my clients, “Jack Lemmon” and “Walter Matthau” and… Read More

Following the Signs

Took Brady for some one-on-one time with me today and decided to explore the trail I meant to explore last week when I took the A+ team – Jasmine and Youke. This time I did it right. I… Read More

Exploring in All the Wrong Ways

Took my “A” team today to explore a new hiking trail. New to us that is. My A+ hiking team consists of Jasmine and Youke. They can usually be relied upon not to cause trouble and not to… Read More