Feeling Fine

As if the past 60 days haven’t been chill enough, thanks to my forced summer vacation, also known as “thanks for the past 26 years, but we no longer need your services and feel you do not fit with our new vision”  – I am about to take it to a new and even more chill level.

The beach.

Actually, I’m combining several of my most current favorite things in life into one week of bliss – a road trip, the beach, my dogs, agility, checking out a new place – and did I mention the beach?

Currently contemplating what to pack up. All I really need are the dogs, some balls, their food, the sun shade, a pair of cargo pants, a tee shirt, some shorts, sandals, sneakers, sunglasses and a hat. It’s really just that easy.

Feeling fine
I’m feeling fine
I do believe the world is mine
when I’m feeling fine
Feeling fine
I’m feeling fine
I make it reality…it’s just my state of mind

Feeling Fine
Janice B./N’Dinga Gaba

Feeling Fine

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