Happy Festivus!


Christmas Eve’s Eve in the Pacific Northwest … very green.

Happy Festivus from Us!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You! Goodwill and Peace on Earth and Good Fortune for All.

Camm: Happy Christmas birthday adventure day!

Brady: Finally. Outside and doing fun things.

Youke: Ball!

Youke, Brady and Camm seemed pretty convinced it was a special day today.

Camm: Must be special holiday?! Probably Camm Day!!

Youke: Got to run and PLAY BALL!!!

Brady: Got to run, play Ball and PEE ON ALL THE THINGS!!

The joyous occasion was a slower work day, which translated into having time to do something fun with my own dogs. So I took them to not just one fun place, but two.

Camm: Got to run and explore in the woods, then splash in the river!

Youke and Brady: And PLAY BALL in a big field!

Camm: Run super fast!

It really was pretty much the ideal Christmas present for a dog. Well, at least my dogs.

We went on a mellow hike in the soaking rain, which was wonderful because the dogs got to be off leash for most of it as no other crazies were out in the cold rain and snow flurries that visited us today. We did see a couple walking when we were nearly back to the car.

“Collies! Are they friendly?” As Brady proceeded to wiggle his butt frantically and show them just how congenial a soaking wet border collie could be.

Just as we rounded the last curve before getting back to the car, we met a young guy out with his own two dogs.

“What a great day to be out here, huh?!” This was said without an ounce of sarcasm, but instead with pure unadulterated happiness. And I knew exactly how he felt and what it meant.

“Indeed it is!” I replied, before cautioning him to keep his dogs back a little way from Camm. “She can get snippy,” I explained. Sure enough, she snapped at the face of one of the dogs that got a bit too close to her own face, and her treasured Ball. But all was good. The young man was happy to be out playing with his dogs, as was I with my own, and all the dogs were just happy to be out being dogs. Even Ms. Snippy Face.

Camm: Was afraid that dog try to steal Cammi’s Ball!

Then off we went to another location to play Ball and to dip paws in the river. The dogs were beside themselves once they realized they were about to embark on a second adventure.

As we headed home, the snow started to fall a bit more consistently and in the slighter higher elevation it is actually sticking. I haven’t been much in the Christmas Spirit so far, but this was lovely to see and made the landscape seasonally appropriate.

For all that trudging about, I served myself a small glass of eggnog and had a Christmas cookie. The dogs had already had a couple of dog cookies, but their pleading eyes informed me that I’d left out a certain taste of the season.

So I gave them all a dollop of eggnog.


Camm sings a Christmas carol .. or maybe its the song of her people. Brady and Youke are not impressed. “Want to go inside and get more cookies please.”




One Comment on “Happy Festivus!

  1. You have beautiful dogs. We also have three. Only three now, as you said. We’ve definitely had more. We have a Border Collie-St. Bernard mix, a sheltie that’s often called a border collie, and a black and tan coon hound. I can’t imagine life without dogs.


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