Following the Signs


Took Brady for some one-on-one time with me today and decided to explore the trail I meant to explore last week when I took the A+ team – Jasmine and Youke.

This time I did it right. I followed all the signs.

Truthfully, it was hard not too. There were so many of them. It especially amused me when there were trail signs in parts where really there was no other option, unless one wanted to go bushwhacking. And being extremely thoughtful, some of the signs had helpful up and down arrows so one would know that the trail went up in one direction and down in another. Of course, using one’s eyes could also lead to that conclusion.

Whilst I jest, the plentiful signage was actually helpful in several spots where there were multiple choices.

In fact, there were a lot of off course options. So very tempting. But I stayed true to the mission of the day and did not take any off course options. I’ll be back though to check those out. Just way too tempting for me.


Very pretty in parts. Good spots too to pant from the fairly continuous elevation gain  – at least for the first third.

009 A few downhill spots. But what goes down, must come back up. Except for the way back down the trail mostly. And that’s the part I hate.


This is from a “view” spot. Obviously not meant for short people.

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