Cat Food, Balls and New Friends

Although the afternoon started off on a not-so-good note thanks to Youke not only eating all the cat’s food, but also investigating cupboards for treats while I was gone today (yay for me for placing them on the second shelf and not the first), it ended up being pretty sweet for him.

I should’ve known something was up when I came home. I didn’t even enter the house after being gone for several hours, instead calling all four dogs into the garage and going outside from there. Immediately, Youke started rubbing himself all over me and grinning up at me like an idiot with his appeasement gestures. Sure enough, I found the emptied cat food bowl and the open cupboard doors when I went back into the house.

I decided anyone capable of not only jumping up on high kitchen counters, but also capable of opening cupboard doors and rifling through the contents of said cupboards was not too tired to do some more agility. Thus, despite being intensely pissed off at him, I took him to see The Relationship Counselor. How ironic.

 Naturally, he was awesome and clearly the reason we don’t Q more often in distance games like Chances is because we just want to leave enough Qs for others.

Still, there’s always something to work on, such as a certain spotty dog’s tendency to see jumps as something to go around instead of over. Our instructor started rewarding the desired behavior with bits of cheese. Youke likes cheese and naturally worked for it. But I also didn’t see quite the enthusiasm I would’ve liked for the game we were playing. So I asked about rewarding with a toy as Youke values toys far beyond food. Specifically, I asked about rewarding with Ball. She was agreeable and suddenly Youke wasn’t so tired from the 45 minutes we’d already had of the lesson.

 This was Youke’s opportunity to cajole Andrea into a game of Ball. I watched as Youke’s magic BCB powers kicked into gear. Sure, he was doing some valuable learning, but what was also happening was that he’d just convinced The Relationship Counselor to endlessly toss that little orange sphere back and forth. I was relieved that it’s not just me that gets sucked into the Ball vortex.

 The trance was broken finally by the clearing of the throat of the next student patiently waiting and whose patience had likely worn out as we’d gone quite a bit over time. This is the power of Ball. It makes time disappear.

Sadly Brady didn’t get to see The Relationship Counselor today, but both boys got to go swimming immediately afterward and after I politely asked some gentlemen fishing off the dock if two insane splashing border collies were going to ruin their fishing. They assured me that splashing dogs would be just fine as they figured all the splashing would drive the fish closer to their fishing poles.

Okay then.

So dogs playing in the water are like little kids playing in the water. They look like drowned rats, they’re shivering from the cold and they’re exhausted, but they still want “just a few more minutes, please??!!”

 After I loaded the two dripping wet dogs into the vehicle, off we went to a friend’s house so I could drop some stuff off for her for next weekend. Youke and Brady got to meet up and play with her dogs and a guest dog she’s watching for a friend. It was fun to watch the shenanigans, especially the high-speed running with no real purpose except to burn off energy. As Youke was rolling some worm-dirt perfume on himself after the running/chasing activities, Brady made a new friend named Hodie, who happens to be an older gent of a dog and was staying with my friend. Not entirely sure the admiration was equally returned though. However, they did match pee for pee, which was comical to watch. Sort of like watching the back and forth of tennis .. without the pseudo sex noises.

Brady tends to become overwhelmed in social situations involving other dogs, even when he’s in a great mood, but there was something about Hodie that he liked and was at ease with, even after Hodie snapped at him to back off with the friendly overtures. So Brady decided to go find things to pee on by himself for a while. The strategy worked. Soon he and Hodie were peeing on things together again.

Brady and Youke don’t pee on things together. Youke never grasped the concept of peeing on things for the sake of peeing on things. I guess some guys just need a friend to go peeing on things with.


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