Jasmine. Also known as Jasmine K. Vitch, Jazzy K., The J-Dog, Goofy Pants, Nutty Dog and The Boss Dog. Born somewhere in the fall/winter of 2003. Found as a stray in Yakima, WA with barbed wire wrapped around a front leg, probably from some ill-advised escapade. Transported west to a Seattle-area shelter in September, 2004 where I adopted her. My ex-husband picked her out and persuaded me she was cuter than the Leonburger with half a tongue I was looking at. Life was never been the same – as in, what kinda dog cavorts with a coyote and does zoomies with it? The DNA said German Shepherd/Catahoula, but there’s was probably some Australian Cattle Dog (red heeler) lurking about. The dog that introduced me to the concept of “high-energy” and which subsequently led to agility. Also the dog that proved to me that having border collies was a piece of cake. The dog that has taught me virtually everything, when I actually listened, and that taking the off course option really is usually a lot more fun.

I said goodbye to Jasmine on November 28, 2016. She was a very, very good dog.

This blog was originally named JaYoBaCa for the tribe of four I had when I started it in 2015.

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  1. I am sorry to read about Jasmine. As I read your post, it brought back some of same feelings as we lost our first agility dog, Jake in May. I wish you well.


    • Your pictures on Sunday, capturing those precious moments that morning when I was so sad and struggling a bit, mean the world to me. Thank you so very much. And I am so very sorry about Jake. He was such a love and such a character.


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